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Sale and rental of apartments with Ua Realty Group

There are situations when you need to quickly sell an apartment in Kiev, but there are no buyers among the immediate environment - relatives and friends. In this case, there are two ways: actively look for interested people among friends or contact our real estate agency in Kiev.

We have a service - urgent sale of apartments, which includes searching for buyers in a short time.

How to quickly sell an apartment in Kiev

The first step is to prepare an application for the sale of real estate. To do this, you need to fill out a special form: - name: apartment + district, district + number of rooms in the apartment. You can choose any scheme; - choose the type of real estate - apartment; - indicate the purpose; - write the price in dollars; - specify the location: street, house number; - add a description of the living space - its key features, advantages, who is suitable for housing. Next, we indicate information about the bathroom, the presence of a balcony, an elevator, the number of floors in the house, etc. Be sure to upload 4-8 photos of an apartment: rooms, kitchen, balcony, bathroom, household appliances, if you are selling real estate with it. Add your contact details so that we can contact you at any time. Detailed information about real estate is necessary for: - realtors of UaRealty Group so that they can select a circle of buyers who are satisfied with the price and conditions described in the offer; - the future owner of the living space: even before inspecting the apartment, he will know all its advantages.

Inspection and sale of apartments

The second step is to inspect the apartment and agree on the terms of the transaction. Typically, this stage takes from 1 to 14 days. But everything is individual. The speed of selling an apartment is influenced by the area in which it is located, the price, conditions. But the realtors of our real estate agency are making every effort so that you can sell an apartment in Kiev within the agreed period. They look for buyers, schedule apartment views, and help with paperwork to conclude a real estate purchase and sale transaction.

Urgent renting of an apartment: how to quickly find decent tenants

The second service related to the urgent solution of the "residential issue" was developed for those who need to rent out an apartment in Kiev. To start working with our real estate agency, a standard form is filled in, which indicates: information about the state of the living space; rental price; the area in which the residential building is located; number of storeys and other factors that are important for the tenant. You also need to add 4-8 photos of the apartment - a room, a kitchen, a balcony, a bathroom, household appliances installed inside. You can rent out an apartment in Kiev through our agency within 3-14 days after its inspection and the conclusion of an agreement for the lease of real estate. In order for the search to be successful, the application can indicate the key requirements for future residents - age, presence / absence of pets or children, etc.

For additional information on urgent sale or renting of apartments, please call: