Property Purchase and Other Real Estate Services

Buyer Representation

UA Realty Group is a boutique full-service real estate brokerage firm representing buyers and renters of properties mostly in the city center of Kyiv.  We list exclusive properties and work with other private real estate agents to give you access to the largest variety of properties on the market. We not only show you the properties, but also give you our honest opinion as to its income and appreciation potential.

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Seller Representation

Finding a trusted adviser to sell your home is an important, challenging task. Our agents are skilled, well-educated professionals who possess a deep understanding and expertise of Kiev real estate market. We develop a special program tailored for each seller on an individual basis, and are able to expertly price your property and position it to move quickly through the sale process at the highest possible price. We strive to achieve the highest returns for our clients through skillful negotiations, outstanding problem-solving skills and innovative marketing techniques.

 Property Management

If you own a property or thinking of purchasing one you may want to consider our property management short-term rental services. We take it upon ourselves to maintain your property, rent it according to your demands, either on short or mid term basis and pay you rental revenue after charging our commission fee. We can also simply list your property on the long term rental market and charge a one time fee for finding the perfect long term tenant. This service is available in Kiev. We provide detailed pro forma statements for all potential investors or clients interested in this service, with approximate but, as practice shows, usually most precise calculation of expected returns.

Renovation & Decoration Services

If you have or are thinking about purchasing a property but do not wish (or have the time) to deal with various aspects associated with renovations and decorations – we can help with our renovation and decoration services solution. We can take care of a project of any size and complete it while you are away or simply do not want to deal with the day to day supervision aspects.


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Kiev is very unique, in comparison to other cities in Ukraine – as it is the center hub for all transportation, political, education, medical and other activities based in Ukraine. There is always a market for rentals and sales, providing a cushion for any unexpected events, in case they happen. We here at UA Realty Group can assist you with the correct choosing of the right real estate and help with every step of the way throughout purchase process and managing of your property. Our subdivisions have tremendous depth in experience and historical statistics (which we are happy to share with our potential investors) and they include (Kiev Apartment rental agency with over 100 units in ownership or management), Theatre Boutique Apart Hotel (https:/ – constantly growing boutique hotel property which was converted from old soviet communal (now features 27 units).

We are happy to share statistics and historical financial results on our properties with any potential investors and our clients include Embassies, consulates and various entrepreneurial investors looking for a bargain.