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Buying a house in the Goloseevsky district of Kiev is an option chosen by many Kiev residents, as well as people who settled in the capital several years ago.

The buyers' opinion is influenced by such factors as the convenient location of the district - near the highways, the Zhulyany airport, the blue metro line, and the favorable ecological situation. In the Goloseevsky district there are parks and locations with artificial lakes where you can relax with your family or friends.

But it is worth remembering that buying a house in Kiev takes time. It is necessary to conduct a search and examination of suitable options, and then - to register a transaction for the sale and purchase of real estate.

If it is important to buy a house in Goloseevsky district in a short period of time, contact the UA Realty Group agency.


How to choose a house in the capital

Give the subject a short “exam”. Rate:

- its area and condition (floor and ceiling covering, walls, foundation, roof);

- remoteness from public transport stops (metro stations, bus stops, trolleybuses, minibuses);

- the condition of the adjacent territory - garden, vegetable garden, recreation area, and objects located near the house - garage, well.

Be sure to ask for information about the time of construction and the date of the last renovation.

Form a purchase budget for the minimum and maximum mark, and include in it the costs of possible renovation of a residential facility.


What offers UA Realty Group has developed for each client

UA Realty Group has been on the capital's real estate market since 2004. During this time, she studied all its features, as well as key customer requests.

The UA Realty Group team has prepared offers that will save your time:

- a database of proposals from the owners: it contains detailed descriptions of residential properties, real photographs. The information in the database is updated every day, which means that the chances of buying a house in the Goloseevsky district, suitable for the budget, increase;

- organization of viewing the selected options: we will take into account your schedule of work and rest. We will agree on the time of inspection of residential objects in advance;

- assistance in preparing a transaction for the sale and purchase of real estate: the last stage - paperwork for the purchase of housing. This stage is not easy. And you can count on the help of UA Realty Group in solving this issue.

The UA Realty Group team will help you buy a new house in the Holosiivskyi district that matches your ideas of coziness and comfort.

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