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Buying a house in the center of Kiev is a suitable option for families with two or three children, couples or people who have long dreamed of their own housing outside high-rise buildings and residential areas.

Compared to an apartment, the house has a number of advantages - from the ability to change the layout to the presence of a yard where you can set up a garden, vegetable garden or recreation area.

You can find a suitable option and draw up documents for the purchase of real estate together with the UA Realty Group agency.


How to choose a house in the center of Kiev

Before you decide to purchase a house in Kiev, you need to evaluate the following aspects:

- the location of the residential building from the roadway and from public transport stops: the closer the house is to the road, the higher the noise level. Distance from the metro station, bus stop or minibus is 300-500 meters, on the contrary, it is an advantage;

- the area of ​​the house and its condition: it is important to assess how long it takes to change the layout, decoration of the house, purchase new furniture and room accessories;

- the time the house was built: if a residential object was built 2-5 years ago, then there is less trouble with it than with buildings 10-15 years ago;

- availability and condition of utilities: gas and water supply, electrical wiring. If they are not there, you need to think about how and when to carry them out in order to increase the level of comfort at home;

- the area of ​​the personal plot and its condition, in order to know whether it is possible to set up a garden on it, or whether it is better to make a recreation area.


How long does it take to buy a residential building in Kiev

To buy a house in the center of Kiev that meets the budget and requirements, you need to go through two important stages:

- online selection of options: you need to look at the description and photo of the house, and select 10-15 options that are suitable for the price, location, condition of the living space;

- organize viewing of objects.

You can reduce the time spent on searching and inspecting housing if you contact UA Realty Group realtors.

We have our own database of residential properties in Kiev, where offers from owners with detailed descriptions, photographs and contact information are collected. The information in the database is updated daily.

Our team will prepare a schedule of inspection of the selected houses for the day and time convenient for you.

We will also help with the execution of a transaction for the sale and purchase of real estate - we will advise what documents are needed to conclude it.

For more detailed information, please contact UA Realty Group realtors using the phone numbers indicated on the website.

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