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Buying an apartment in Kiev on the primary market is a decision made by over 80% of Ukrainians planning to move to the capital or settle in another area of ​​the city. If your key goal is to buy an apartment in Kiev at the primary market (primary market) in the near future, contact Ua Realty Group for help.

We will select a suitable option for you and your family, and will make sure that you manage to buy a new apartment in Kiev without unnecessary hassle.

Primary housing market in Kiev: features

The desire to buy an apartment at the primary in Kiev from many Ukrainians is motivated by the active development of the sleeping areas of the capital - Darnitsky, Svyatoshinsky, Desnyansky. New buildings occupy 50% of the primary housing market.

These are economy-class monolithic frame houses, where:

- improved sound insulation;

- "warm" walls and floors: they do not require additional sealing to maintain a comfortable temperature in the apartment;

- varied layout;

- long term of operation: developers announce that the house will "last" - 100-150 years.

This is the optimal solution for a young couple, a family with children, and older people.

The second segment, which occupies a smaller share in the primary market of the capital, is elite new buildings. They have impeccable sound insulation, well-thought-out layout, and sealed walls. Additional advantages include the availability of its own parking, a rooftop platform and utilities that provide comfort at any time of the year.

How much are apartments in Kiev at the primary housing

The price of real estate in the primary market of the capital depends on many factors:

- the selected segment: elite or economy;

- the stage of building a house: at the stage of laying the foundation, the cost of an apartment is 20-30% lower than the price of the finished living space. You can buy an apartment in Kiev on the primary market from UAH 500,000, if you made a deal with the developer on time;

- availability of additional amenities - autonomous heating system, parking, playground, etc .;

- the format of payment for the apartment - a loan or mortgage, and the interest rate from them.

Advantages of buying an apartment with Ua Realty Group

If you have long dreamed of buying a small or large apartment in Kiev, but are afraid of dishonest deals, developers or dirty tricks, of which there are a lot - contact our company for help.

For our part, we will do everything so that you receive the keys to a new apartment in a new building of the selected format (economy or elite) at the appointed time. Turning to us, you get: - the help of qualified realtors with at least 5 years of work experience and thorough knowledge of the primary market of the capital; - selection of apartments in the primary market, suitable for the budget and requirements for real estate - the area of ​​the apartment, the availability of utilities, the location of the house; - assistance in resolving legal issues - concluding a sale and purchase transaction and paperwork, in the case of a loan or mortgage for the purchase of residential space.

To start looking for an apartment in the primary market for yourself or your family, call us or leave a request for viewing in the form under the object of interest. And together we will successfully solve this issue!

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