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Buying an apartment in the center of Kiev is a suitable option for those who are used to being in the center of the country's cultural and business life.

Nearby are the main cultural attractions of the capital, business centers where exhibitions, presentations of major projects, and visits of foreign investors are held.

We also recommend buying an apartment in the center of Kiev to foreign businessmen who come to Ukraine to develop their business project.

This option is also suitable for families who have long dreamed of buying an elite home that emphasizes their status.

How to choose an apartment in the center of Kiev

It is believed that in the center of the Ukrainian capital, all options are good. But in order to buy an apartment in the center of Kiev, which will be not just a good, but the best option, you need to evaluate:

- the distance of the house from the nearest metro station;

- the surroundings of the residential building: what objects are located next to it (shops, cafes, restaurants), and how they fit into your lifestyle;

- the condition of the residential building: the arrangement of the entrance, the availability of parking, a playground;

- the condition of the apartment: how long has it been renovated;

- functioning of utilities: gas and water supply, electrical wiring;

- contingent: who lives next to you and what they do. If there are adequate people nearby, this is a plus.

How much is an apartment in the center of Kiev

Buying an apartment in the central district of Kiev at a bargain price is a difficult task. Since its cost is influenced by the main factor - the location of the residential building - near the metro station and the main locations where important events take place, as well as the condition of the living space. 80% of apartments from houses located in the center are in perfect condition - after major or designer renovations. Therefore, it is impossible to buy an apartment in the center of Kiev at a price that belongs to the budget.

Purchase of luxury residential space with Ua Realty Group

Our team includes experienced and qualified realtors. They will select for you an apartment in the center of the capital that matches your status.

They will assess the condition of the house, apartment in advance and invite you for an inspection at a time convenient for you.

You can buy an apartment in Kiev in the center with us in the shortest possible time - within a few weeks.

Start working with our team - call: 093 017 77 17, 093 685 00 74.

If you want to buy an apartment in Kiev at a price suitable for you, please contact Ua Realty Group. We have collected a complete database of offers from owners with real prices.

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